Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poem! Olyver Currant: January at Burlesque Press

Olyver Currant is a poem of 12 double sestinas, one for each month of the narrator's "annus horribilis."
"January" is the first one.

Airplanes rip bright white wounds across the sky,
heartless, drained of color, silent and cold,
rending the frozen air miles above me
shivering below lying on the ground,
praying for the rains that I know will not come,
snow or rain or something to change this land,
mark these dry trees, and remake this new year
beautiful with crystal white rose ice
hanging immobile off of everything,
reigning in clear white silence over all,
covering every door that our hands will touch;
blinding the world so I can not see you.

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