Friday, May 23, 2014

Olyver Currant Serialized at Burlesque Press

The good folks at Burlesque Press are lovingly serializing one of my long poem: Olyver Currant, a 12-poem double-sestina (douzina?) cycle, that explores each month as our speaker recovers from the end of love.

Keep watch at Burlesque Press on Thursdays for updates:

January: "Airplanes rip bright, white wounds across the sky. . ."

February: "The moon will not be full this month. . ."

March: "Stony and broken, I taste the Spring."

April: "I run for shelter and the sunshine leaves."

May: "Time is God, the destroyer of all life. . ."

June: "The rains come now, every day, at four."

July: "Summer’s Hell is a caustic, boiling dream. . ."

August: ". . .the map of the world should no more be read. . ."

September: "Hurricanes have taken over the skies. . ."

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