Monday, February 24, 2020

On Salvador Dali's Autorretrato Cubista

On Salvador Dali’s Autorretrato Cubista

Sal, you started with Cubism.
I started with Modernism.
Will my juvenilia hang in such halls
as the Reina Sophia,
the little sister of Madrid’s Legend?

You rain the angels down
from a center point
as if the lines were light,
as if light shown in prisms
and not rays.
You are not distorting our point of view
but the function of light.

This is written off as misunderstanding Cubism.
Will they do that to me, Sal?
Say my experiments are flaws?

And if they do,
what affect do I put on?
Where did you, at nineteen, turn from
the new old masters into
your surreal pictures more beautiful than photographs?
And how long until these paintings were loved?

Please write back, Sal,
as I am eager to change the world,
and I have no moustache or oscelot
to back me up on this.

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